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“The Internet of Things (IoT) will disrupt industries and economies around the world, presenting opportunities and challenges few world have envisioned just a decade ago.”

- Accenture

In the early 1990’s, the Internet was a new and largely unnoticed data infrastructure used by government and academic institutions within the United States merely as a faster means of delivering text. After the commercial availability of the PC, this infrastructure drew the attention of the free market, which brought to bear its full weight in creative capacity and relentless industriousness. The vast array of online services we see today, far beyond the narrow focus of the first internet users, is a testament to both the value multiplier potential a useful infrastructure can create, and the great aptitude of the free market in actualizing that potential.

Now, another wave of technologies has come. Sensors are embedded in billions of physical objects, sending massive amounts of data to cloud storage. The great amount of computing power now available is leveraged to analyze the data, and conclusions used to expedite human actions in a process chain, even act with minimal to no human intervention when possible. Most Internet of Things (IoT) applications are not even noticeable, but nonetheless are silently changing our businesses, our lives and our world for decades to come.

Aspire Source builds up the infrastructure for IT and IoT applications for end consumers including property and restaurant owners. We work together with the manufacturers, application developers and academic institutions such as MultiTech Systems and University of Minnesota to develop various smart IoT solutions that connect different sensors to our cloud-based servers and dashboards. With many years of business experience, expertise and connections in data communication and information technologies, we are able to offer quality products and services to various types of customers around the world.

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