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Food Safety

TempNode Quietly Monitors Temperature for 24/7

With TempNode developed with embedded MultiTech xDot by Aspire Source, the above requirement could be done with little effort. The smart monitoring system is based on LoRa technologies and is able to quietly monitor temperature for 24/7 for the food asset owners. To save the battery power, xDot makes decision at local level when it collects data from temperature sensor. It just sends out temperature data a few times a day to cloud data center when temperature is normal. However, when temperature is out of normal range, the food asset owners and/or management will receive alarm on their mobile devices.

LoRa Products for Food Industry

Product Image
AspireSource CanaryCage Board
CanaryCage Board is a generic LoRaWAN endpoint module for IoT application development.

- Flexibility to connect different sensors for different projects
- Very low power
- On board LED light is connected to GPIO0 and can be programmed to display messages

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MultiTech Conduit
The Conduit (MTCDT Series) is a quick-to-deploy and simple-to-scale, programmable IoT gateway designed for versatility.

- Incredible asset management range - up to 10 miles line of sight, 1 to 3 miles into buildings
- Integration support with a variety of partner and private Cloud Platforms
- 2-way communication over any certified cellular network for cost effective global deployments
- Create differentiated services for your customers via MultiTech's Application Store

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MultiTech Conduit AP
The Conduit AP conveniently provides deep in-building connectivity and improved performance for network operators and enterprises connecting thousands of IoT assets by harnessing the power of the LoRaWAN protocol.

- Provide Improved Service Level Agreements for LoRa
- Affordable LoRa connectivity in or around commercial buildings
- Configurable Ethernet and 4G-LTE interfaces for Primary or Secondary WAN
- Quick and easy to deploy
- Certified and carrier approved

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MultiTech mCard
The mCards (MTAC Series) provide flexibility to manage diverse infrastructures, supporting a wide range of interfaces and communication protocols.

- Increase operational capacity without incurring extra gateway cost
- Published and open interface to enable 3rd parties to develop mCards that meet their own interface requirements
- Future proof design concept to rapidly address emerging connectivity standards

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